Rainbow Yoghurt

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So it’s little fridag today. Today I had the pleasure of working at a school. I teach design and interior decorating. It fun and a bit crazy, 20+ student and paint everywhere. Lesson learned, don’t mix teenagers and paint. But they’re also doing some cool artworks out of paper, I’ll show you some, next Thursday. I’m still job hunting, I would love to make a living of the blog, but it’s not there yet. Hopefully some day, I’ll have enough content and followers, but until then, I’ll need to get a day job.

Inspired by the paint and colorful artwork, that I saw today, today’s recipe is rainbow yoghurt.

Rainbow Yoghurt is a mix of the colored yoghurts. 

You can find the recipes here: 





When you pour the yoghurt into the jar, do it slowly, so the yoghurts doesn’t get mixed to much.

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