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Pink Yoghurt – basic recipe

Pink Yoghurt – basic recipe – I have used Pink Pitaya Powder from Raw Nice. I love pink, and the pink pitaya powder, as does most of Instagram. The pink colour goes very well with some pitaya fruit. If the monstera is the ultimative blogger plant, the pattaya must be the ultimative blogger fruit. It comes in two colours, white and pink. The white is the easiest to find, where I live, and it very used for decorating those smoothie bowls. The pink one, is soooo pretty, and is the one, Raw Nice uses for their powder.

Pink Yoghurt – basic recipe

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  • 1 cup yoghurt
  • 1 teaspoon Pink Pattaya Powder from Raw Nice.

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  • Mix yoghurt and powder. If there is clumps from the powder, set is aside for a few minutes. Then the powder begins to “melt” and makes it easier to get an even color without clumps from the powder.

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